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Get Ready to Switch your Website with VPS India

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Get Ready to Switch your Website with VPS India


The great majority of people and businesses choose shared hosting while creating their first website. However, as their web presence develops in recognition, they soon discover that they need more computing power, storage space, as well as bandwidth. When that moment comes, switching from a shared hosting server to a VPS hosting would be the best option.

VPS hosting is one of the most used choices. Server virtualization on a server allows multiple users to get their own dedicated resources. It provides greater protection than shared hosting since you have your individual specialized server space rather than just a username on a server.

Shared hosting options are the most popular option for most websites due to their minimal cost. Because shared hosting services are by far the most cost-effective, small organizations or start-ups favor them.

Several factors will influence whether you choose VPS India or shared hosting. Before we get into which one should be your hosting service, there are a few factors to consider.

What is Shared and VPS Hosting?

Shared Server Web Hosting

Multiple websites can share the same server using shared hosting. In the vast majority of situations, you will have no idea who or what sites are using a server’s resources alongside you. The total amount of server resources that each client can use is usually limited, though this depends entirely on the hosting plan you select.

VPS Hosting

VPS India is a more safe and more stable option than shared hosting, which does not provide a shared server. It is, however, a more manageable and cost-effective choice to renting a whole server.

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Website owners with moderate traffic who exceed the capacity of shared hosting plans frequently choose VPS hosting.

Virtualization technologies are used by the hosting business to build a virtualized overlay of the user’s operating system. This layer separates the server, allowing each user to run their operating system and apps. Since you have full control over a VPS Hosting India, you can customize your resources according to your needs.

Why do Users More Like Shared Hosting?

Small business owners might profit from shared hosting services since they will have more bandwidth, disc space, storage, and processor power available to them at the lowest cost. However, there are several obvious limits due to the nature of these hosting services. Because they’re shared, there’s a chance that nearby sites will be using up too many resources and reduce your site to slow down. If you go with the VPS India, you don’t need to share your resources with anyone and it also increases the website’s speed. 

Benefits of Switch from Shared to VPS Hosting India

There is a Greater Degree of Freedom, Performance, and Speed

VPS hosting accounts allow you to host an unlimited number of domains. As VPS India surpasses shared hosting significantly in terms of performance. Also, you can change the server’s specifications because you have control over it.

You will not have this privilege with shared hosting because any changes to the server influence everyone. You can also scale up and acquire new resources to handle your website’s increasing traffic on the Cheap VPS Hosting India Server. This enhances the user experience by lowering the time required for your website to launch. 

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Increased Capacity for Growth

VPS customers have more resources than shared hosting users. A VPS Server Hosting India is a good option when your website has been under construction or if you’re just getting started with an expansion plan. A virtual private server helps to manage extra traffic while maintaining the same level of speed.

Users have the Option of Selecting a Managed VPS Solution

A user-friendly Managed Best VPS Hosting India service is available from several web hosting firms. This fully managed package provides free server installation and configuration, software updates, security updates, and round-the-clock support. They also provide a dashboard that is comparable to a shared account.

VPS Server Hosting India is a Self-Healing Platform

Self-healing capabilities are another advantage of a Cheap VPS Hosting India plan. As a result, addressing setup issues does not require any manual input. Your data is kept on a cloud platform that is continually adapting and reconfiguring resources such as disc storage, space, and processing. This offers an integrated fail-safe when the system breaks down. Even dedicated servers lack this feature. In contrast, virtual private servers specialize in this domain, offering you a self-healing infrastructure.

How to Upgrade from Shared to VPS India

Phase 1: Transferring your Addresses to the New Host

This isn’t necessary, but it’s a smart option. Shifting your domain to a new web host or registrar can save you energy/cost. When moving between one host to the other, this action creates things super easy. This keeps your domain name operational and secure during the transition.

Phase 2: Back up the Website

Likely, your website has previously been backed up. It’s even more essential now. As a result, before making any major changes to your website, verify that you have a backup. Take a backup of your data and export the database of your website. This will not only simplify the future migration of databases and information, but it will also serve as a backup mechanism on the occasion that something goes wrong. Make a backup of your information using your cPanel before starting in VPS India.

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Phase 3: Import your Documents and Programs to your New VPS

After setting up your new VPS account, transfer all of the various databases you previously downloaded. After migrating your data to your VPS India account, you’re ready to proceed to phase 4.

Phase 4: Update your IP address to the Address of the New Server

You’re getting close to completing the task. Using your DNS provider, you can now redirect your address to the new Best VPS Hosting India server. This request is often addressed to your domain registrar by email.


In a word, if the company website’s traffic is increasing and slowing it down, it’s time to shift from a shared to something like a VPS India. It will help you scale your brand by giving you more independence and a more pleasant experience as it expands. As a result, you’ll need to transfer your website from a shared server to a VPS Server, which you may do using the procedures explained above. 

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