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Efficacy Of Business Trip Massage

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Advantages of business trip massage

Business trip massage is a form of massage that is part of Thai traditional medicine and is now recognized by the Thai government and is a traditional Thai culture related to Thai stretching and deep massage. It is usually performed on the floor and is known as an ancient massage that is enjoyed in comfortable clothes without the use of oil. The founder of Thai massage is Shibago Komarpaj, who is known as a Buddhist monk 2,500 years ago. In general, modern Thai massage therapists perform massage based on the theory of meridians and qi, which are vessels in which the air that people breathe in circulates through 72,000 blood vessels through the lungs. This Thai massage is often performed by administrators by pressing specific areas along elaborate blood vessels.

Efficacy of business trip massage

Aroma spa massage is a method of actively using essential oils, and it is to lightly mix the essential oils with the carrier oil to penetrate the skin. It is helpful not only to massage the body on a business trip, but also to relieve stress. Those who do not have the energy to enjoy the aroma massage to stimulate the body. Aroma massage means spraying oil on the body and gently massaging it. Because it is slippery due to the oil component, there is no objection to the body and can be used. Massage is a more gentle way to massage in a wet state after showering, and in the case of a small child, there is no risk of using a method that spreads the oil lightly.

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Thai business trip massage

In most models of 출장마사지, Thai massage starts from the navel and ends with the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth all over the body. Like the more common traditional Thai medicine, Thai massage is a blend of Indian, Chinese, Southeast Asian cultures and medical traditions. Thai massage can be said to be a comprehensive version of the traditional therapeutic practice practiced throughout the Kingdom of Thailand in the 20th century. Even today, there are many differences by region, and it is difficult to find a single theoretical framework that is a single system universally accepted by business trip massage therapists. Some of the important procedures in Thai massage include stretching, which stimulates the blood flow, such as yoga, to turn the qi throughout the body through the breathing-related act of breathing.

Aroma business trip massage

Aroma business trip massage acts as a diuretic by which lymph fluid excretes moisture or waste products from cells through urine. Aroma oil is used to enhance the soft feel of a business trip massage, but the aroma oil can improve mood and relieve stress through inhalation. You can do it alone, but if you have a partner, you can enjoy the massage more comfortably. It promotes blood circulation and goes well with the fat component of the skin, helping skin care. Aroma oil massage can be received anywhere.

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