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Duplicate Aadhar Card

Aadhaar card
Every citizen of the nation is given an Aadhaar Card, which has a 12-digit unique number, by the UIDAI, or Unique Identification Authority of India. It operates as a single identifying document and provides evidence of identity and address.

A service for ordering duplicate Aadhar cards online has been made available by the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India). You can use this service if your Aadhaar has been lost, misplaced, or if they need a new copy. This makes it possible for Indian citizens to obtain a duplicate Aadhaar card by paying small fees. Residents can apply for “Order Aadhaar Duplicate” using a non-registered or alternative mobile number if they do not have a registered mobile number. This article goes into great depth on how to get a duplicate Aadhaar card.

Conditions to Get a Second Aadhaar Card

The following are requirements for using the specified procedure for reprinting an Aadhaar.


  • To get a reprint, you must have your Aadhaar or VID (Virtual Identification Number).
  • For the purpose of making this request, the cellphone number must be registered with the Aadhaar Database.
  • You should be prepared to pay reprint card fees.


The UIDAI accepts the following papers to verify, amend, or correct information connected to the Aadhaar Card. Required Documents to Re-Apply for an Aadhar Card


  • Ration/PDS Photo Cards, PAN Cards, Passports, Driver’s Licenses, and other identity documents are examples of identification proof.
  • Address proof documents include bank account information/passbooks, utility bills (electricity, water, phone), real estate tax receipts, credit card statements, etc.
  • Proof of Date of Birth: PAN cards, birth certificates, mark sheets from any government board or university, and other papers are recognised as proof of date of birth.

Reaction Time

A small cost of Rs. 50 will be assessed to the residents (inclusive of GST & speed post charges). The updated Aadhaar will be delivered to the post office via registered mail. Five working days are required for processing before the fresh, reprinted Aadhaar is delivered. According to DoP delivery guidelines, the Aadhaar Letter will be dispatched via the Department of Post’s (DoP) speed post service, and the Delivery Status can be followed using the DoP Status Track Services.

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