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Khaza Kamil Gates These are both spouses. They both love each other very much and this is also an actor. He is an American Businessman and the Founder and CEO of the Khaza Kamil Gates. He has earned a net worth of $80 million from his career as a business person and an author. Early Life: Kamil Gates was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Khaza Kamil Gates- Son of Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes

Khaza Kamil Gates is the son of Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes. THey was born in Atlanta Georgia.

He started acting in 2009 when he was eight years old. has starred in several movies and TV shows.

He is best known for playing the role of “Sid” in the 2013 Disney Channel Original Movie The Princess Diaries 2: Royal


He has a younger brother named Shaquille. also has a younger sister named Zuri. He is currently studying at the High School of Performing Arts. is currently dating his girlfriend, model and actress, Jazmyne Avant. Kaza Kamil Gates is an American actor and singer. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia to Kevin Gates and Dreka Haynes. He was raised by his parents along with his younger brother, Shaquille, and younger sister, Zuri.

Khaza Kamil Gates Birthday and Age

Khaza Kamil Gates birthday is on March 13th in the year 1988. This man was born in the year 1988 in the city of Chicago, Illinois, United States of America. His Age is 42 Years. He is the founder and CEO of Khaza Kamil Gates.

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He is also the author of his own books. Kamil Gates Net Worth is $80 Million. Khaza Kamil Gates Salary is $3 Million. Khaza Kamil Gates Biography is: Khaza Kamil Gates was born on March 13, 1988, in Chicago, Illinois. He is an American Businessman and the Founder and CEO of the Khaza Kamil Gates. He has earned a net worth of $80 million from his career as a business person and an author. Early Life: Kamil Gates was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Have Kevin Gates and Dreka split?

Have Kev and Dreka split? This was the question asked in many people’s minds after news broke out that they had separated, however, they have since made up and have resumed their relationship. The two are currently together.

What happened? According to a source who spoke with Kev & Dreka on the red carpet at the 2017 BET Awards, the two were going through a rough patch. He explained, “It was rough because she would not give him a chance to talk, or even to hear what he had to say. When he tried to talk, she would just shut him down.” The source continued, “She would tell him that she could not trust him or that she did not want to be around him.

Khaza Kamil Gates Parents’ Profession

Khaza Kamil Gates is a leading provider of affordable and high quality nursery products and childcare services in the Middle East region. The company’s products are sold through a number of retail outlets in Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Oman.

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Kevin Gates “Khaazi” trade intensity for vulnerability with mixed results. Some of the issues he brings up are valid and some he overshadows with his own agenda, which is evident in the video, but as a whole he made great points. We had to pick and choose some of the points that were more important.

Here’s a link to the full video. I am not trying to be an apologist for G.O.A.T., but I have seen a lot of his work, and this is not the first time he has been accused of playing games with people’s lives, but this time it hit me hard. When he talks about the “Khaazi” trade, it reminded me of a time when I was watching him play poker and I was at a table where he was the only player who would talk shit about the other players in the room.


Khaza Kamail Gates are a leading interior designing firm based in Dubai. They offer high quality and exceptional services in all categories of interior designing, architecture and construction.

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