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Do I Have To Wear Safety Shoes At Work?

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Before we get into why you should wear safety boots, let’s talk about safety boots. Safety shoes are simply shoes made with the safety of your feet in mind. There is a lot of misconception in the market that safety boots always have a steel toe cap. However, this is not true as most safety boots do not have steel toes.

Safety boots are required in most workplaces and under certain conditions. People are more likely to injure their feet at work than usual. There are many chaos and moving things that increase the probability of an accident. Many people in these environments believe they don’t need to be worn unless they’re working nearby, but our Teenro boots recommend optimal safety boots for anyone working near accident-prone locations.

Almost all countries have government regulations for each type of industry that require you to wear safety shoes when entering certain establishments. There are statistics that frighten us. In the United States alone, companies face fines of approximately $1 billion per year for workplace injuries.

At Teenro, we are committed to making the best footwear for every workplace, and we want your future job to be much safer than it is today.

Wear safety shoes every day

We believe that safety work boots should only be used near heavy machinery or construction sites. But these days, Indian roads are just as dangerous as construction sites. I think that people who wear hard shoes or who wear shoes on a regular basis should wear safety shoes. Think how many times you have left all building materials, such as nails and fishing rods, to walk down the sidewalk facing a construction site. In such a situation, ordinary shoes will not be able to withstand it. On the other hand, a person wearing safety boots can pass relatively safely and easily. We believe that India’s roads are dangerous, just like any other business, and it is always better to be safe than to regret.

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New solutions in the field of safety shoes make them much lighter, more comfortable and more pleasing to the eye, making them easier to wear even for casual users. In the past, it was very difficult to put on safety boots and had to change after work. But these days, shoes are much more comfortable and pretty, so you can wear them outside the workplace and feel comfortable and good.

At Teenro, we want to innovate with products that make people rethink what they should buy the next time they buy a shoe.

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