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8 Strategies to Double Your Black Friday sales using Social Media


8 Strategies to Double Your Black Friday sales using Social Media

Black Friday is as big as an annual Buy Instagram Followers Malaysia Super Bowl for retail, with Americans expecting to spend an estimated $70 billion in the coming year within a single day! With the potential to increase sales, it’s essential to create a robust social media strategy to market and share your fantastic Black Friday deals with all your customers. Here are eight ways you can double you Black Friday sales using social media:

1. Focus on the Most Profitable Channels

If you’re already using social media for marketing your business, you’re aware that the different social media platforms work differently. The way a platform works for your business is dependent on the industry you operate in, your customers’ demographics and much more. For example, according to data from a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, Instagram is often a superior choice over Facebook for companies looking to appeal to younger audiences.

If you’d like to see your Black Friday sales to hit the heights of last year, you must concentrate your efforts

on platforms that are most beneficial for your company. This is especially crucial when you’re running out of time and have to pick among several social networks. The easiest way to accomplish this is to find out about your intended audience and find out the most popular platforms they’re active on. If you find that your Instagram is performing well for your company It’s time to go all in and launch your own Instagram marketing campaign rather than trying to make a marketing campaign spread across every social platform you’re on.

2. Invest in Social Media Advertising

Ad blocking on desktops as well as mobile phones has becoming increasingly popular. According to a recent study that ad blocking within the United States grew by 48 percent in the this year.

The great news for businesses can be that platforms on social media such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are mostly safe from the ad blocker software. In the same way mobile usage is shifting away from content that is accessed via browsers and more towards content accessible via apps. If you’re looking for the best location for investing in advertising and social media, mobile apps are an excellent choice!

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3. Offer Free or Discounted Shipping

According to a recent research according to a recent study, one of the primary reasons that people aren’t shopping online is due to cost-of-shipping. If you’re looking to increase your sales on e-commerce this year, it’s important to get rid of this hurdle to your clients. One approach to achieve this is to provide to your clients free shipping on purchases for a specific period of time or when they spend an amount. This will not only encourage your customers to complete a purchase as soon as they can and will also encourage customers to make purchases that are a minimum amount.

If you can’t offer free shipping it is possible to give your customers a shipping

discount coupon or discount code via social media. Check out the rate at which your cart is abandoned — the proportion between abandoned carts and the number of transactions completed and then calculate the average amount of time at which people choose not to buy. Based on this, you can decide what discount you can offer your customers on Black Friday. Be sure to advertise the shipping discount on all your channels on social media.

4. Create a Facebook Event

It doesn’t matter if it’s an in-store sale or online or online sale, creating an Facebook occasion and inviting customers to join is vital to spread the message of the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sale. You can publish regular updates on your event’s Facebook page to remind customers of the sale and increase anticipation for the sale. It is also possible to use an event page on your social media to give specific information about the Black Friday sale, and do not forget to remind your guests to invite their family and friends! This will allow you to promote the Black Friday sale to a wider crowd.

5. Thank Mobile Shoppers for their purchase with A Responsive Landing Page

With mobile shopping becoming ever more commonplace, it’s crucial to optimize your business’s mobile marketing strategies. This is particularly true during Black Friday. According to a report from a few years ago 37% of all online purchases made on Black Friday last year were done on mobile devices, and this number is expected to increase in the year 2016. Therefore, you must be ready! We recommend creating an adaptive or mobile-friendly landing page to promote you Black Friday promotions, and connecting to it through social media.

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Your visitors shouldn’t need to zoom in and pinch to go through the content of your page. Also, they shouldn’t be forced to scroll around in order to locate your CTA. When you create ads on social media or in promoting links to your products page via social media, ensure that the landing page is mobile-friendly. This will not only create an enjoyable shopping experience for customers on mobile devices and visitors, but it will increase sales.

6. Advertise the sale Black Friday Sale with Video Content

If it’s Facebook or Instagram or any other social media platform, creating and publishing videos is an excellent method to boost your marketing on social media. In addition to having more engagement over static images, it’s also among the top tools available to increase conversion rates and create leads. In fact as per a study by AMA the video content account 65 percent of advertising impressions on Instagram. It is clear that adding video to your marketing on social platforms plan is a good way to attract more attention at the Black Friday promotion. More people are watching videos on their smartphones than ever before. It’s estimated to be 74% of the internet traffic in the coming season will come from video!

7. Simplify the Buying Process

If you’re taking too many steps to go through in the purchase procedure, lots of potential customers and transactions may get lost in the shuffle. Imagine for a moment the scenario of an internet customer looking at the website of a trendy e-commerce store. You discover a product you like and, when it’s time to purchase you’re required to follow five or six steps to make your purchase. What’s the chance that you’ll be able to reconsider your decision? It’s probably pretty good considering that the majority of online shoppers never get past the initial step of payment.

If you are running the Black Friday promotion on social

media, you should make the purchasing procedure as simple as is possible. One way to accomplish this is to use Instagram Carousel ads to showcase offers on various items and make sure that customers are directed to the websites for the offer. You could also add an “Buy” button that takes customers to particular product pages.

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You can also utilize Linkin.bio for making it simpler for your users to purchase through your Instagram feed. Linkin.bio is an Instagram-like landing page. It is similar to your Instagram feed and shows your posts as clickable pictures. When your followers go to the Linkin.bio webpage, they are able to click the images in the Instagram posts to access the product page you have posted the photo’s subject matter is.

8. Advertise the sale Black Friday Sale with Creative Social Media Posts

One of the most effective methods to inform your customers with regards to how you will be engaging them about your Black Friday sales is by using some imagination in Facebook posts! It is possible to add a bit of humor to your captions, or share an eye-catching illustration in connection with the sale. The goal is to create anticipation in the days before the Black Friday sale, and keep people updated on the great deals that you will be offering.

Try sharing sneak peeks via Instagram Stories and Snapchat to spread the word about the Black Friday sale.

Be sure to post regularly prior the day of Black Friday so that your customers’ enthusiasm doesn’t wear in the days before Black Friday rolls around. One method to stay up to date with your social media updates is to schedule them in advance using Later. Don’t forget to make a brand-new hashtag to promote the Black Friday sale and post frequently so that customers can locate your posts quickly.

Be aware the fact that every post on social media needs to focus on sales. It is important that your Instagram page include a right mix of promotional images and content that is lifestyle-related. The more variety the more interesting. Make sure that your images link to your brand’s primary brand identity!

Black Friday is a huge business buymalaysianfollowers opportunity to

earn money for companies that are of any size. With these eight tips in your toolkit, you’ll be prepared to completely crush it on social marketing during the holiday season!

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